About the IGDC

The Israel Gerontological Data Center was established in order to address the challenges of population aging in Israel. The goal of the Center is to establish a comprehensive infrastructure for conducting research on various aspects of population aging, including its social, health-related and economic implications. The knowledge accumulated by the IGDC provides a basis for conducting research that can provide answers to questions on a broad range of issues and can be useful in making preparations to cope with the aging process. The database and the knowledge accumulated by the IGDC are accessible to researchers, students, policy makers and other interested parties.

The Israel Gerontological Data Center was first established in November 2002, as the only center with an infrastructure for data in the field of social sciences out of 12 data centers initiated by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Free access to the Center has been available since 2006 and there is no need to register through a website. The IGDC was established in partnership with a consortium of scholars in the fields of social sciences, health and gerontology. The offices of the IGDC are located at the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. As of January 2008, the Center has been supported by the Ministry for Social Equality.

Prof. Howard Litwin is Founder and Director of Israel Gerontological Data Center. He heads the SHARE Israel project and is an internationally renowned researcher in the field of Gerontology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a winner of Landau Prize of Science and Research for 2014. Prof. Litwin has published over 160 scientific publications, which examine the social world of older adults on the one hand and attitudes of society toward the elderly population on the other.