A research tool database was founded in order to make available various research tools which are relevant to the research of ageing process and population. The database is intended for researchers, students conducting research, and professionals wishing to evaluate their caregiving therapy activity in the field using research tools relevant to the examination of quality of life and health in old age.

The information papers written for the research tools include useful information concerning the development and validation of the tool, how to use it and more. A link to the research tool may be found, if it was published and made available to the research community at large. Otherwise, a link to the journal where the research tool may be found will appear, in accordance with copyright laws.

In addition, the database includes links to the authors (when these appear in the bibliographic database), as well as a link to the thesaurus, a dictionary for Gerontological terms.

The database is constantly updated. We invite you to return to the website in the future and get updated.