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The IGDC aims to disseminate and provide access to data on population aging in Israel for students, researchers, policy makers, and interest parties. Free access to the Center is provided via the website, and there is no need to register. This column provides updated information on the publications of the IGDC: pamphlets, edited books, quarterly newsletters, and IGDC in the media.

Quarterly Newsletters

Quarterly IGDC newsletters are disseminated to over 4,000 registrants. The newsletters include news from the IGDC, news from the Israel SHARE project, news in the field of gerontology, recent publications in the bibliographic database, and notices about conferences in Israel and international conferences. To join our mailing list of updates in Hebrew press here.

The Second Half of Life in Israel: Pamphlet with Graphic Data for Easy Reading
Published: November 2014

The pamphlet contains selected data from academic publications based on data from the IGDC and SHARE Israel. The pamphlet is divided into three sections on the following topics: economics, health, and welfare. Data are presented in full-color diagrams which are easy to follow. The goal of this pamphlet is to make the data collected in the IGDC surveys is accessible to the general public of researchers, students, and professionals in the field of gerontology.

Changes in the Second Half of Life: Findings from the First Wave of the SHARE Israel Survey
Published: June 2013

An edited book with a collection of articles written by various Israel researchers – based on data from the first and second waves of the SHARE Israel survey. The articles in the book are divided into three main clusters of themes, which will interest many people – from policy-makers in Israel to a growing number of Israelis who are affected by population aging. The articles can be downloaded in PDF format through the bibliographic database. 

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IGDC in the Media

The section includes all of the publications, articles in newspapers and on-line, media interviews, and other material published by researchers from the IGDC and associates of the Center, which present data from researchers conducted at the IGDC.

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