Ageing in Europe - Supporting policies for an inclusive society
Edited Book
Editor : Axel Borsch-Supan;Thorsten Kneip;Howard Litwin;Michal Myck;Guglielmo Weber
Berlin, Germany

Notes: Based on SHARE Data
Publisher: DE Gruyter

ISBN: 978-3-11-044441-4

Ageing in Europe - Supporting policies for an inclusive society 2015

Edited Book

SHARE: a European policy device for inclusive ageing societies
Material deprivation items in SHARE Wave 5 data: a contribution to a better understanding of differences in material conditions in later life
Accessibility to neighbourhood services and well-being among older Europeans
Assessing the material deprivation of older Europeans
Development and validation of a material deprivation index
Measuring social deprivation and social exclusion
Material and social deprivation in the macroeconomic context
Does hearing impairment lead to social exclusion?
Older adults living with cognitive and mobility-related limitations: social deprivation and forms of care received
Who can realise their retirement plans? Poor health and employment crises as factors of exclusion
Social inequalities in oral health – towards targeted health policy interventions
Slipping into poverty: effects on mental and physical health
Social cohesiveness and neighbourhood environmental deprivation: how are they related to life satisfaction in late life?
Social exclusion and support between generations
Loneliness in Europe: do perceived neighbourhood characteristics matter?
Loneliness among informal caregivers aged 50+ in Europe
Social exclusion, welfare regime and unmet long-term care need: evidence from SHARE
Growing old abroad: social and material deprivation among first- and secondgeneration migrants in Europe
Is there a European land of opportunity? Cross-country differences in intergenerational mobility in 14 European countries and Israel
Coping with risks during the Great Recession
Reverse mortgage: a tool to reduce old age poverty without sacrificing social inclusion
Becoming self-employed at ages 50+: true entrepreneurship or exclusion from (wage-)employment?
Does training help retaining older workers into employment? Evidence from the SHARE survey
Early retirement for the underprivileged? Using the record-linked SHARE-RV data to evaluate the most recent German pension reform
The use of PC at work and job satisfaction
Forgone visits to the doctor due to cost or lengthy waiting time among older adults in Europe
Health insurance coverage and access to care among European elders: crossnational differences and social gradients
Pain and social exclusion among the European older people
The educational gradient in life expectancy in Europe: preliminary evidence from SHARE
Unmet need for long-term care and social exclusion
Eligibility regulations and formal home-care utilisation among the vulnerable older people in SHARE Wave 5
Long-term care insurance across Europe
Long-term care insurance and the family: does the availability of potential caregivers substitute for long-term care insurance?

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