Senior Citizens in Small Localities

The database of senior citizens in small communities is based on the findings of a survey conducted in 2014 by the IGDC, commissioned by the Ministry for Senior Citizens. The study sought to examine various aspects among the population of senior citizens who live in small communities, such as economy, housing, the feeling of belonging to the community, health, well-being and accessibility.

The sample comprised 500 women and men aged 65 and over, belonging to the Jewish sector who reside in localities numbering less than 2,000 residents, all over the country. The survey questionnaire was distributed in Hebrew and is accessible for downloading. 

To download the questionnaire (Hebrew only), click here.

Any publications using the database, and anyone using the questionnaire (or parts thereof) must cite the reference appearing in paragraph 6 of the statement for authorization to use the data, which is provided below. To download the authorization statement press here
Access to the database is provided to researchers by the Israel Gerontological Data Center. To obtain the data file (in SPSS format), researchers must fill out the authorization form.

Publications based on the database of Senior Citizens in Small Localities:

Dahan, D. & Schwartz, E. (2014). Senior citizens in small localities: Main characteristics compared to senior citizens in the city, Research Report, Jerusalem: The Israel Gerontological Data Center, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.